It’s The Little Things: Quit Smoking Tip

If an individual has decided to quit smoking, first of all they are to be congratulated. This is because smoking can cause all sorts of ailments that can affect the major organs with ailments.  Some of those major ailments include cancer of the lungs, stomach, esophagus, mouth, etc.  In addition, there are strong links to developing emphysema when the individual smokes tobacco.

Therefore, there are many treatment programs and aids that the smoker can utilize towards discontinuing their smoking habit.   Some of those treatments include a formal and regulated program, nicotine patches, hypnosis, etc.

In addition, there are small, but effective little things that can be done by the smoker towards their stop smoking goal.  Some of these quit smoking tips include chewing gum and changing one’s smoking routine.

Chewing Gum

One of the incredibly simple, but powerful ways to help curtail the smoking habit is for the smoker to chew gum.  This is an effective option and quit smoking tip because generally the smoker has developed the habit of having something in their mouth.  By substituting a cigarette with a stick of gum this may help to curtail the habit of placing a cigarette in the mouth with something less dangerous.

In addition, a powerful combination that makes sense as a quit smoking tip is to chew gum that is infused with nicotine.  This not only will satisfy the craving of the smoker to have something in their mouth, but will also provide the nicotine that the smoker is addicted to.

Changing The Smoking Routine

Other little quit smoking tips that will help the individual to quit smoking cigarettes is through the use of various subtle changes in the way that the individual smokes their cigarette.  Examples of these subtle changes are not to smoke the entire cigarette, but only smoke half of the cigarette.

Another possible suggestion as a quit smoking tip is not to empty the receptacle that is used to store the ashes and the cigarette butts.  Over a period of time there will be an obvious buildup of the remains of a cigarette which may work to wake up the smoker as to the extent of their cigarette usage and its control over their lives.

One additional stop smoking tip could be a change in the smoking routine.  For example, if the smoker carries their cigarettes in a certain pocket, change the location of those cigarettes to another pocket.  This may make the reaching for a cigarette a more cognizant action which may help the individual to exert more control over the habit.

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