Methods On How To Quit Smoking Cigarettes

If an individual is a smoker probably one of the most life-changing decisions that an individual can make is to decide to quit smoking cigarettes.  This is because cigarette smoking and the use of tobacco has been demonstrated to cause certain adverse conditions within the body.  Those adverse conditions can consist of the devastating diseases of stomach, esophagus, and mouth cancer.  In addition, cigarette smoking has been strongly linked to emphysema.

Therefore, if this is the decision and commitment of the cigarette smoker, it is important to know what steps that individual can take to reach their goal in wanting to quit smoking cigarettes.  Some of those methods can include the use of various products on the market and various practical steps that an individual can take.

Use of Various Products

Because of the dangers associated with cigarette smoking, there are various products on the market today that can help the individual to curtail or quit their smoking altogether.  Some of these products actually contain nicotine.  This is because nicotine is the ingredient that is manufactured into the cigarette and is the pleasurable aspect of the smoker’s experience.

Therefore, many products meet that nicotine craving by the smoker and provide this substance in different forms so that the smoker is not inhaling the carcinogenic smoke into their lungs.  Two such products available on the market to help the individual quit smoking cigarettes is the nicotine patch and nicotine gum.

The nicotine patch is a bandage like product that is applied to the skin.  Generally, this product is applied to the upper arm.  All the smoker has to do is peel off the protective wrap from the nicotine patch and then apply the adhesive side of the patch to the arm.  This provides the smoker a set amount of nicotine throughout the day.  Specifically, the nicotine is supplied to the individual over a period of 16 to 24 hrs.

Nicotine gum is basically the same concept.  However, rather than the nicotine being absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream, the nicotine is in chewing gum and when the smoker wants to satisfy their nicotine craving they simply put the chewing gum into their mouth and the nicotine is obtained in that way.

Practical Steps

Other quit smoking aids are those methods that one would consider practical in nature.  These particular methods incorporate the use of practical lifestyle changes that make the smoker think about what they are doing rather than just mindlessly smoking cigarette after cigarette.

Examples of these types of methods to help the individual quit smoking cigarettes are by not emptying their ashtray over a certain amount of time.  The goal of this process is for the individual to realize how much of their time is spent smoking by looking at the accumulation of cigarette residue in the ashtray or other receptacle.

Another simple but effective method of trying to quit smoking cigarettes is by changing one’s routine.  This can be accomplished by simply switching where the cigarette package is kept.  For example, if the cigarette smoker keeps their cigarettes in one particular pocket, perhaps by changing pockets will help the individual to be more cognizant of their smoking habit.

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