The Natural Way: Acupuncture Quit Smoking

There are many tools, products and measures that a smoker can take advantage of to help fulfill their commitment of non-smoking.  Specifically, and in some of those stop smoking aides can be through the use of nicotine patches, hypnosis for residential treatment programs that help the smoker through their attention and compulsions.

In addition, another measure that a smoker can explore to attain their goal of quitting the smoking of cigarettes can be through acupuncture.  The use of acupuncture to quit smoking is not often a recommended course of action especially to those individuals in the Western world.  However, there may be some merit to utilizing acupuncture to quit smoking.  Therefore, it’s important to understand what the process entails and how acupuncture to quit smoking is administered.

What Is Acupuncture?

The first of all, it is important to note that acupuncture is not a miracle cure nor is it a  perfect remedy to help an individual to kick the smoking habit.  However acupuncture does have some merit and has been used successfully not only for individuals who are smokers but in the treatment of other ailments.

Specifically, acupuncture is administered through the use of acupuncture needles.  These needles are gently and slightly inserted into the various parts of the body.  These points of insertion correspond to the various centers that help to remove the blockage of spiritual energy.

Generally, the acupuncture to quit smoking treatment can be accomplished anywhere from five to 30 minutes.  This acupuncture to quit smoking process is usually accomplished at least twice a week.

In addition, once the acupuncture needles have been removed additional items are often applied to the acupuncture points.  These additional items utilized are pellets made from silver or needles known as your press needles.  Generally the use items stay attached to the acupuncture point in between the specific acupuncture to quit smoking treatments.

The reason why the ear is considered the acupuncture point of focus to help with the smoking habit is that the ear has been identified as that part of the body that deals with this compulsion.  Specifically the acupuncture points found on the ear help to alleviate tension, strengthen willpower, lessen cravings, and help to alleviate the symptoms associated with withdrawal from nicotine.

Benefits Of Acupuncture To Quit Smoking

Unlike other treatments, such as the stop smoking patches that can be worn, the acupuncture to quit smoking process does not utilize any other chemicals for small dosages of nicotine to counter the addiction of nicotine.  Therefore, this process of acupuncture could be classified as a strictly natural method to counter the cravings of cigarette smoking.

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