A Few Tips On How To Quit Smoking

Smoking is an addiction that is hard to overcome, as any smoker will tell you. Some smokers try for years to quit and are still unsuccessful. Everywhere you look someone is trying to sell you the latest miracle aid to stop smoking. Some people wonder if they will ever be able to quit at all. There are several methods that have proven effective for many people. Some will work for some people and some will not. Below, we will look at some of these tips on how to quit smoking.

Quit Smoking Methods

Surprisingly, one of the most successful methods for quitting smoking is cold turkey. This basically means you are quitting all at once without the use of aids or step down programs. Many people have had success using this method. However, you need to be aware that the withdrawal symptoms can be somewhat severe. If you can make it through the first couple of days, it will begin to get easier each day following.

One of the most popular tips on how to quit smoking is replacement. This means replacing your smoking habit with something else. This could be anything from a healthy snack to some type of physical activity. Instead of sitting around and struggling through the craving, you do something else to keep yourself occupied. Whatever works for keeping your mind off of your cravings can increase your chances of success.

Another tip on how to quit smoking is to quit with a buddy. This will give you some additional support, as well as someone who understands exactly what you are going through. You can talk to each other and help each other through the difficult withdrawal stages.

This may not sound like much but counting the days since you’ve quit can also help. The longer you go the more hope you have that you can continue. This is a small but important tip on how to quit smoking.

Many people wonder how to quit smoking without gaining weight. Many people will naturally eat more when they are not smoking. You may gain some weight when you quit, but you can control this by making sure that you are eating healthy when you do snack. Besides, a few extra pounds are well worth the decreased health risks when you quit smoking.

One of the most important tips on how to quit smoking is support from your family and friends. You loved ones can encourage you and tell you how important your good health is to them. They can also make themselves available for you to talk to when you are struggling with temptation.

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