How To Quit Smoking While Pregnant For You And Your Baby

If you are a woman and a smoker, eventually you may be asking how to quit smoking while pregnant. There are many methods for quitting, but few people have as much incentive as a pregnant woman. Below we will look at some techniques for how to quit smoking while pregnant and some reasons you should.

Reasons To Quit

Again, there are few people that have as many good reasons to quit smoking as a mother to be. Aside from all of the obvious health risks to yourself, you now have another person to worry about. Many women who have been smoking for years think they’ll never figure out how to quit smoking while pregnant. They feel like they will never be able to deal with the cravings with everything else going on in their bodies.

One of the best tips for how to quit smoking while pregnant is to think about what it can do to the baby. Babies of smokers are often smaller because of the constricted blood vessels in the placenta of a smoker. This robs the baby of the vital nutrients it needs to grow healthy and strong. The accumulation of nicotine in a baby’s brain can also cause a number of problems, such as ADD. Lung development can also be affected by cigarette smoking. If the lungs are unable to develop properly, it could lead to emphysema or asthma. The list of possible birth defects goes on and on.

How To Quit

How to quit smoking while pregnant can be accomplished in a number of ways. The first one sounds like a no brainer. Do not have cigarettes readily available to you. If you do not carry cigarettes with you, you can’t smoke them. It’s also important not to think about what it’s going to take to quit for good. Take it one day at a time and think only about what it will take to get you through that particular day. Another good tip for how to quit smoking while pregnant is to avoid situations and places that you are used to smoking in. If you change your routine, you can avoid or eliminate these circumstances. You can also increase your chances by finding different ways to deal with stress. For example, instead of smoking you could go for a walk or call a friend. If these natural methods are unsuccessful, you can also try to find some free stop smoking aids and see how they work.

By using these how to quit smoking while pregnant tips, you can be assured of a healthy and happy baby.

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