Ideas For How To Help Someone Quit Smoking

There is much information available for people who want to quit smoking, but what if you are wondering how to help someone quit smoking? Many people are interested in giving their loved ones the support they need to kick the habit, but they really don’t know how. Hopefully, this article will answer many of those questions about how to help someone quit smoking for good.

What Kind Of Support Can I Give?

The first thing remember if you want to know how to help someone quit smoking is that you cannot make this decision for them. No one is going to be able to quit unless they really want to, and they certainly won’t quit if you are pressuring them. You need to wait until they are truly ready quit. At this time, they may approach you and inform you of their intentions. This is when they decide to quit for their own reasons and not because someone else wants them to. This will greatly increase their chances of success.

At this point you can begin to support them simply by praising them for making a decision to quit. You also need to remember that giving them unwanted advice is not how to help someone quit smoking. Wait until they ask for it so you do not seem pushy. Be patient with them, especially since you may not know what they are going through. One thing you could do is guide them to areas where they can find tips on how to quit smoking. This way you are helping them without actually telling them what to do. Keep in mind that they are going through enough without having to listen to you nagging them.

As time goes by, you can also help them by helping them occupy their time. Suggest activities that can help keep their mind off of their cravings. This is an important step in how to help someone quit smoking. Make yourself available to them at any time should they want to talk or work their way through the cravings. Try to help them avoid the situations and places that they would normally smoke in.

If your loved one does stumble while trying to quit, don’t come down on them like a ton of bricks. Many people will have moments of weakness while trying to quit. Be as positive as you can and let them know they can always get in touch with you if they feel like the temptation is too strong.

When trying to figure out how to help someone quit smoking, the key is to be there for them whenever they need you. Be available but not pushy. If you stick to these guidelines, your friend will have a much better chance of quitting for good.

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