Quitting Smoking Health Benefits For You And Your Family

There are numerous quitting smoking health benefits that await smokers who wish to reform and kick the habit. These benefits not only encompass the smokers but also their family and friends who are constantly exposed to the smoke from the cigar or cigarette. The quitting smoking health benefits can be seen in less than a day after the cessation of smoking for the smoker.

Physical Benefits

Quitting smoking health benefits also involve the physical aspect of a smoker. Compared to non smokers, smokers are more likely to develop wrinkles earlier, especially around the mouth. This is caused by the constant sucking motion that smokers use to drag in the smoke from the cigarette. This causes the mouth to develop fine wrinkles which are quite visible. Smoking also causes bad breath as well as yellowed teeth. These can be changed when the individual ceases to smoke. Long term benefits of quitting smoking will be evident in less than 15 years, especially those involving health and fitness.

Health Benefits

There are numerous conditions and diseases which are caused by, connected to and contributed to by smoking. Quitting smoking health benefits include the reduction of risks from several conditions ranging from cancer, heart disease, lung disease and many others. Quitting smoking health benefits are varied and can be actually felt by the former smoker in as little as several hours after quitting smoking. The condition of the bones is another thing that is included in quitting smoking health benefits. Smoking causes brittle bones which can still be improved when the individual actually stops smoking. This will need several years to changed and improve not like the improvement of lung function which is felt in less than a month.

Other quitting smoking health benefits include your family’s health as well. Children are less likely to develop condition attributed to second hand smoke inhalation and pregnant women are less likely to have low birth weight babies if they quit smoking. SIDS is another thing attributed to smoking so this can be included in the quitting smoking health benefits for your family. Children exposed to a parent or close relative constantly smoking are also more likely to smoke when they grow up since a smoking parent or adult signals approval for this sort of behavior.

Quitting smoking health benefits are numerous and great to be aware of especially for you and your family. The overall health of the family is a good thing to have and how you affect it can be summed up in your quitting smoking.

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