Stop Smoking Health Benefits For Women

Stop smoking health benefits are usually similar for both men and women. There are some specific stop smoking health benefits which are aimed at men or women. Overall, stop smoking health benefits for both men and women are the reduced risks of cancer, heart disease, stroke and other conditions related to smoking. For both men and women, stop smoking health benefits also include an immediate decrease in the presence of carbon monoxide in the blood. This gas can affect the health of the smoker in so many ways that are potentially fatal since it robs the blood of its function to deliver oxygen to vital organs and other parts of the body. Benefits after quitting smoking will appear in as little as a few hours and can be seen as far as fifteen years in the future.

Women’s Benefits

The earlier women stop smoking, the earlier the benefits will come. Stop smoking health benefits for women are usually focused on reproductive health. Women who smoke after their thirties are prone to having earlier menopause compared to those who do not smoke at all. Other stop smoking health benefits for women include a decrease in painful periods, for appropriate ages. Quitting smoking before the age of thirty can also help women reduce the risk of having brittle bones in the future. Women who smoke after the age of thirty are more likely to have lower bone density than those who do not or those who have quit earlier. This means that smokers in their thirties will be prone to brittle bones in their later years and prone to fractures and bone injuries and damage.

Stop smoking health benefits for women can also include the reduced risk of having a low birth weight baby and giving birth too soon before the due date. Pregnant women who smoke or women who have just given birth and are smoking also run the risk of their child succumbing to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). The reduced or removed risk of infertility is another stop smoking health benefit which a woman can enjoy especially if she wishes to have children in the future. Stop smoking health benefits which can affect a woman’s family are reduced or no exposure to second hand smoke which can be dangerous, especially for children.

There are so many different stop smoking health benefits for women and also for men that can actually alter a person’s life. Stop smoking health benefits are for the good of a person and their loved ones. Both the smoker and his or her friends and family are at the risk of diseases and conditions which can be fatal.

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