Options For Free Help To Stop Smoking

Depending on what state you live in there are many things available to you that are free help to stop smoking tools.  You may not even be aware of what free help to stop smoking things you can get.  It is up to you search out the specific things you have available but I can go into some details about what you can get in general.  If you are looking to help someone quit smoking you can also take advantage of these tools.

Some Examples Of Free Help To Stop Smoking Tools

The first thing that almost every state has nowadays is a smoking hotline.  This free help to stop smoking tool is a great one because in a moment of weakness a person can have someone help them to get through it.  Even if your state does not offer this free help to stop smoking tool you can the hotline for another state and they will help you.  Most of the hotlines have one eight hundred numbers so you can call fro anywhere, at anytime and get help.  One of the more popular ones is the one from California.  Their number is 1-800-NO-BUTTS.  If you have and emergency and need someone to talk to, give them a call.

Next up is literature.  Many states will provide extensive literature on the affects of smoking and how bad it is for you and those around you.  This free help to stop smoking does not tackle the problem head on, but it is crucial in the first step.  Anyone who has tried and failed to quit will all come back to the same reason, their desire to quit was not one hundred percent.  This literature will help to show the smoker why smoking is wrong so that they can be fully committed to quitting.

The next type of free help to stop smoking that you have available to you is medication.  Many times state governments will provide serious discounts off of things like Nicorette and other quit smoking medications.  Take a look and see what your state can provide for you and take advantage of whatever you can.  These drugs can make a huge difference when you are going through the withdrawal portion of you’re the quitting process.  By using medications you will alleviate the symptoms of withdrawal and improve you chances of staying away from cigarettes for good.

As you can see there are many free help to stop smoking tools that can make a huge difference in whether or not you stay quit.

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