Help Me Quit Smoking – A New Way of Looking at Thing

The key that Help Me Quit Smoking showed me is that you need to really be committed to quitting.  Only you can know if you truly are one hundred percent committed to stopping smoking, if you are not then eventually you will start up again.  Help Me Quit Smoking has some sections dedicated to showing you why smoking is so bad for you and does much to try to persuade you to quit, but again you have to be fully committed before you can even think about stopping.

The first section then details what easy steps you can take to start down the path of quitting.  The first thing that Help Me Quit Smoking details is how to eliminate the triggers that cause you to want to have a cigarette.  By eliminating these things you can do a better job of controlling your cravings.  These triggers are what cause you to want and pick up a cigarette.  By removing them you can do a much better job of controlling your desire and want to have a cigarette.

The next section on Help Me Quit Smoking shows you how to step down your intake of nicotine so that you can control the physical aspects of the smoking addiction.  Like any drug that is addictive nicotine will cause all the symptoms of withdrawal as well.  These can include restlessness, irritability, and sleeplessness.

The key to managing these symptoms according to Help Me Quit Smoking is to slowly remove step down the amount of nicotine in your system.  The book goes into several ways to do this including patches, gum, and simply cutting out the number of cigarettes you have per day.  Most of the step down programs have you completely smoke free within about 2 months.  After the nicotine is out of your system the key is to remember that you truly never will have quit, and are going to be constantly in danger of becoming a smoker again for the rest of your life.

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