Some Simple Tips to Help Quit Smoking

If you are trying to stop smoking there are some simple tips to help quit smoking that you may not be aware of.  You can use these tips for yourself, or simply find out how to help a friend quit smoking.  While these tips to help quit smoking are not the be all and end all of quitting, they will help you to find ways to control the cravings and manage your addiction.

4 Key Tips to Help Quit Smoking

The first of several tips to help quit smoking is that you need to have a genuine and serious desire to quit.  Before you even get started you need to make absolutely sure this is what you want to do.  You can not go in without a complete and total dedication otherwise you risk failure, maybe not at first but certainly down the road.  Smoking is an insidious habit that never really goes away.  Regardless of how long you are quit for the potential to go right back to where you were is always right there at the forefront, just one single puff away from becoming a full fledged smoker again.

The next in our tips to help quit smoking is to eliminate the triggers that cause you to want to have a cigarette.  These things can be reintroduced in time but for the beginning you need to make sure that you have good idea of when and what triggers your desire for a cigarette. Some of the common things that do this are coffee, alcohol and situational causes.  All of these things can be controlled and eliminated so that you can have the best chance of quitting and staying quit.  Again most of these things can be reintroduced slowly, but you have to be careful and be in complete control of your cravings before you do so.

The third in our simple tips to quit smoking is that you need to have a support system in place to help you when the cravings hit.  These can be friends or counselors, whatever works best for you.  It will vary from person to person, but the important thing is that these people will be available at a moments notice when the cravings hit you.  Many times counselors will have a 24 hour help line you can use and I highly recommended it.

The last in our simple tips to quit smoking that you can use is to cut back on your smoking slowly.  Do not try to go cold turkey as this will almost always end in failure.  The key is to slowly push back the amount you smoke so that you can cut the nicotine out of your system.

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