Climbing the Stop Smoking Hill

Resources to Help You Quit for Good
Just as an alcoholic needs alcohol, a smoker needs nicotine. The craving is so severe that you can’t get through a day with out. If the truth be known, you can’t go an hour without it. You need it. You want it. You desire it. Smoking relaxes you. You feel in control when you smoke. Nicotine is your best friend.

So what do you do when the time comes that you realize you need to quit smoking? You need to quit because financially with the rising cost of tobacco products you just can’t seem to afford it anymore. You also need to quit because health wise you’re just not as healthy as you should be. You know that part of that is because of your smoking habit.

The internet has a wealth of information to assist smokers in quitting. From free stop smoking programs to stop smoking software. Many smokers attend meetings and join support groups online but many have found that stop smoking software is another piece of armor in the battle to quit smoking. This software can range from E-Books to help motivate you or give you tips on quitting to a program that helps you track your smoking. No matter what, there is plenty of quit smoking help out there for you.

CNET offers stop smoking software in the form of a free E-Book entitled Break the Chains ( This book written by Mark Jordan who is an addiction specialist helps guide smokers to quitting. With guidelines to follow and helpful tips, this E-Book is just one of the many free resources out there.

Another download CNET offers is Breathe – Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Module ( This stop smoking software offers its user the soothing voice of a certified hypnotherapist. It also offers 17, 4, and 1-minute sessions of positive and encouraging words to assist smokers in reaching their goal to quit.

There are thousands of ways to quit smoking. The key is to research each way and find the one that works for you. Stop smoking software is just one resource that is available to you. You’ve made the big decision to quit smoking. Now choose the resources that will help you get there wisely. If you relapse, don’t worry. Keep your eye on the goal, being smoke free. The power lies within you to quit. Reaching out to the various resources that are there to assist you will get you through it. Just keep telling yourself, you will be smoke free.

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