Help to Quit Smoking

Software Programs to Make Quitting Easier

Smoking has had control over your life it seems like for years. You can’t even remember what it was like to not smoke. You wake up and you want to smoke. You eat and you want to smoke. You can’t even go to sleep until you have smoked. Smoking controls your life not you.

Over the years you have noticed that you’re not as healthy as you once were. You’re tired all the time, you can’t breathe as well as you once could and you look older than you are. You want to quit. You want to assume control over your life again. You’ve researched various stop smoking programs. You’ve found that there are several paid and free programs that you can take advantage of. A friend of yours mentioned stop smoking software that she used. She found it very helpful. You found the concept intriguing so you went home and immediately began to scour the internet for quit smoking software. This concept is new and interesting. Quit smoking software offers the person trying to quit many benefits by giving them motivation tools, ways to track the money you spend on smoking, and ways to track your steps to success.

Some quit smoking software currently on the market includes:

No Smoke for Windows ( This program can be an educational tool as well as a guide to assist you in quitting.
Another program is Quitometro ( This program allows you to track how much time you spend smoking, how many cigarettes you are smoking in a typical day and how much money you are spending on smoking.

Another great quit smoking software is You Can Quit Smoking ( which is made for those who carry PDA’s. This allows users to carry this valuable resource with them no matter where they go.
Quit smoking software gives you additional resources that you can use in the comfort of your home. Some users are surprised when they utilize these programs to see exactly how much time and money they spend on smoking. After all, you knew you smoked a lot but you never knew how much until now. When the numbers are right in front of you it is pretty amazing. Quit smoking software is an additional resource that can be used to get you where you want to be, smoke free. In the end the investment in the software will be a lot cheaper than the many packs of cigarettes you’ve been in vesting in most of your life.

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