Making the Decision to Quit Smoking

Is It Your Time To Quit?

The decision to quit smoking is a huge undertaking. You’ve sat around for months telling yourself that you need to quit.  You keep saying that you need to find a stop smoking program but you keep putting it off. You tell yourself that you are ready but then you do nothing but continue to smoke. It’s a vicious cycle that you can’t seem to break loose from. You know that smoking is bad for you. You’ve seen the diseases that you can get from smoking but you can’t quit. Your family worries about how much you are smoking. They’ve even littered the tables with brochures on choosing a stop smoking program for you. Sure you look at them and then you discard them like they were pieces of trash cluttering your table. You’ve watched the advertisements from the American Cancer Society and you don’t want to be one of those statistics. Quitting is so hard though. You feel a sense of anxiety washing all over you at the thought of quitting. You tell yourself you don’t need a quit smoking program to get you through this because you can do it on your own. Yet each day you seem to fail miserably and you tell yourself you’ll quit tomorrow. However, tomorrow never seems to come.

Making that decision to stop smoking and joining a stop smoking program doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and it takes a lot of will power to get you there. It’s a process. You begin by contemplating the idea of quitting. You’re not totally serious at this point but you’re slightly entertaining the idea of it. As time goes on you begin to serious think about it more. You’re still not ready to quit but you’ve began to look into a stop smoking program. You tell yourself that at least you’re looking into the possibilities. You finally get the nerve to go through with it and you set a deadline for yourself. You tell yourself that in two weeks or a month you are going to quit smoking. You’re proud of yourself for setting this goal and you’ve begun to share it with your family. You talk to your friends who each begin to tell you about the stop smoking program they used. It’s all so overwhelming at first. You’re focused though and you stick to your guns. The first 6 months are always the toughest. If you can stay the course, you’ll make it. Generally it takes a good year to get past the desires to smoke and even then it still may be difficult. Reach out to those who’ve been there. They will be a valuable resource to get you through it all in the end. No matter what, give yourself a pat on the back for making the decision to quit smoking. The first step was the toughest. Now look ahead to what is on the horizon. You’ll be glad you did.

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