Steps to Quit Smoking

Finding the Program That’s Right for You

When you have been smoking for years, making the decision to quit can be a difficult one. The thing to remember is that it’s not impossible to quit smoking. It will be challenging and it will take time but you can quit smoking. With the internet age, finding a free stop smoking program is easy to find. The internet is lined with hundreds of programs that each offers various different things. With time and a lot of research, you’ll be able to find a free stop smoking program that will work for you.

A free stop smoking program will give you support and advice to help you through the rough spots. Some of these programs include: ( – this program offers useful tips and advice to help make the decision to quit smoking a little easier.

Quit for Sure ( – this is an excellent website that offers tons of useful tips and tools to help you along the way. This free quit smoking program has a wealth of information so you can educate yourself on nicotine, withdrawals symptoms, and steps to quitting.

Life Tips ( – this free stop smoking program give you information on smoking laws, the effects of smoking as well as reasons and ways to quit smoking.

The Foundation for a Smoke Free America ( is another free stop smoking program whose mission is to motivate youth to stay tobacco free, and to empower smokers to quit.

As a smoker you need:

  • First make the decision to quit smoking.
  • Research the various programs out there.
  • Research the various methods to quit smoking (i.e. patches, gum, medicine, cold turkey).
  • Set a time line for yourself to quit smoking.
  • Move forward and don’t look back.

With so many resources out there as well as access to finding a free stop smoking program, there’s no room for excuses anymore on why you can’t quit. There are so many ways that you can begin to quit smoking that can make the withdrawal symptoms easier to deal with. Granted it is always going to be a challenge because nicotine is a drug and as with any drug, you’re addicted to it. Yet each day people take the first step to being smoke free. If you stumble along the way remember that it’s ok. Get back up, dust yourself off and get back on the stop smoking train.

Remember, even six months or a year after you have had your last cigarette, you may experience desire for another one so don’t give in. You won’t regret it – and you will if you have just one cigarette and find yourself addicted all over again!

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    anyone will always have a hard time quitting smoking because nicotine will infect your system and makes you an addict :

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